Suspicious Substance Found in Local Creek

Thursday afternoon, emergency responders were trying to figure out what led to a green liquid floating in a Webb Creek.

A passerby noticed the creek had an odd color to it and contacted Webb authorities.

Webb Fire Department then called Houston County’s EMA, who then contacted the Dothan Fire Department Hazardous Material Team.

After testing the water on site, authorities found the liquid was not hazardous.

It was florescent dye typically used for testing water.

Capt. Chris Etheredge, Dothan Fire Department, said “According to the tests that were performed by the Hazardous Material Unit there's no need for concern for the residents of the community. It is a completely safe material that was placed in the water.”

Investigators combed the area looking for possible clues as to who might have dumped the florescent dye in the creek.

If that can't be determined, EMA officials will consider the case closed.