Petition Impact in Dothan

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The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce wants to find out what local businesses think of the referendum to change the current form of government.

Two weeks ago, the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce asked their business members to fill out a survey concerning the issue of changing the form of government.

Business leaders were asked to fill out a survey online at Zoomerang or via letter.

“The government change issue has created lots of uncertainty,” said Matt Parker, president of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce.

About two months ago, former Mayor Kenneth Everett collected thousands of signatures in support of a change toward a strong mayor form of government, where there is no city manager involved in city affairs.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King will now decide whether Dothan residents will vote to change the city's current form of government.

“We've had a lot of feedback from state folks and change creating negative impact, so we wanted to get feedback from local businesses,” said Parker

The survey asked three questions:

  • Does the current effort to call for a referendum to determine whether a different form of government is needed for the city of Dothan have a negative impact on the effort to attract new business and job growth in the Dothan community?

  • How should the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce respond to the effort to change the form of city government in Dothan?

  • Would you like to see more surveys from the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce requesting your opinion on issues?

    Parker says, “We want to promote positive cohesive community. This is dark cloud over our community.”

    Businesses filled out and turned in the survey last Friday. The results should be compiled in a few weeks.

    Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas also says talk of changing the form of government is hurting our ability to recruit businesses to this area.

    Thomas was recently showing a business prospect with 150 jobs around Dothan and the first question they asked was about the referendum and the change of government.