Eufaula Reflections Development

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An upscale housing development continues to build and it's causing many area residents to take notice.

The mayor of Eufaula, Jay Jaxson, said in his 20-20 strategic plan, this project will promote the Eufaula area to metro Atlanta and beyond.

Project leaders say they are already receiving phone calls about the property and the first house isn't even complete yet.

Crews are steadily working, pouring concrete, cutting lumber and putting up siding.

Dothan's Alfred Saliba Corporation is the team behind Reflections on the Water, a luxury gated housing development.

Leaders say the high-end homes are sure to draw not only more residents, but also more development to the city of Eufaula.

"It's already made a boost. I mean, they haven't had this many materials bought in 10 years. So, we're already making an impact, and we haven't sold the first project yet," says Sales Manager Tommy Horne, for Alfred Saliba.

It may seem construction still has a while to go, but project leaders say the finish line may come sooner than you think.

"The boat docks are going to be under construction in the next 30 days. The fishing piers are right behind it. We have houses around the park which is our central park. We have six houses: two on each corner and two up in the front," says Horne.

The first six of the 96 homes are expected to be finished this spring.

However, overall, the project will be long-term, taking about eight years to complete.

"There are a lot more increment details in there. There's a lot more detail on the inside. There's wood interior walls, etc., that you wouldn't have in a typical house. By doing this, it's going to take a little longer, a little slower process than we typically use here in Dothan," says Horne.

Officials say the home and land package will run between $460,000 and $780,000 dollars for most of the homes. The lakefront properties are expected to cost even more.

The six homes that have begun construction are up for sale now.

The rest of the lots will be sold only once development begins.

Officials say the housing project is the first of its kind to come to the city, but city leaders are hoping to bring more in the future.