Enterprise Fire Department Grant

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The Enterprise City Council has voted to appropriate $13,000 dollars in local matching funds in order to receive a federal firefighters’ grant.

The $130,000 dollars is part of a safety grant. In other words, it'll be used for protective equipment, and in this case, air packs.

Byron Herring has been Enterprise’s fire chief for the last 33-years.

He says this $130,000 dollar federal grant with Congressman Terry Everitt's office will standardize self contained breathing apparatus. They are better known as air packs, which are used when entering areas of smoke and toxic fumes:

"Currently, we have four different brands of air packs,” Chief Herring explains. “It makes it difficult and dangerous at times. This will standardize it so anyone can use the same one in the event of an emergency.”

By standardizing the air packs, each of Enterprise's 36 firefighters will not have to share. It will help on several different levels.

"The firefighters are excited that this will be taken care of, and they will enjoy several different levels of safety,” says Enterprise Firefighter Freddie Culver.

The Enterprise Fire Department consists of a main station and two substations based across the city.

Without the federal dollars, Chief Herring says it would have been difficult to standardize the air packs, which he feels is very important.

Some $2.5 billion dollars from Washington has been awarded to fire departments nationwide since 2001.