Trash Pickup Running Behind

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Dothan city officials are throwing around ideas that will prevent late trash collection. Some residents’ debris hasn't been picked up in more than two weeks.

It's a recurring problem city officials hope to fix and a new and improved solid waste ordinance could be the answer.

It may be a beautiful sight, leaves that have fallen to the ground, barren trees against the skyline. However, this beauty alerting a season's change has become a headache for some.

Dothan city leaders seemed frustrated at Tuesday’s Commission meeting. They say the backlog of trash pickup may be considered by some to be a small problem. For others, it's a big issue.

"I've had complaints, where two trucks drive by a pile of trash. I guess I've gotten to the point where I've had all I want to hear," said Commissioner Paul Lee of District 5.

Commissioner Taylor Barbaree says, "I want a plan that's put in place to where it's a consistent, timely manner and I want to see it in writing and I want to see it done now."

Bad weather and substandard equipment are two reasons leaders say leaf accumulation and tree limbs continue to pile up and stay that way for weeks at a time.

Another reason has to do with Dothan’s growing population.

"We've experienced a tremendous growth in our city. The city service area has expanded and we have not," said Bernard Ward, City of Dothan Public Works.

There may be a solution to this recurring problem, a revamped city ordinance regarding trash and garbage pickup.

The current ordinance is generic.

"When we typically get backed up it will establish a schedule for that. If we can still pickup trash leaves, we'll do that," said Jerry Corbin, resident of Dothan.

It’s not uncommon for such delays to occur during this time of year.

Many residents may see one truck pass by their home’s debris to pick up another.

City Manager Mike West says they're not skipping you, but that same truck may only perform a certain type of duty, which may not include your kind of debris.

One trash pickup truck goes to an average of 700 homes a day.

West also suggests taking leaves and placing them inside the new garbage carts.