One Percent Sales Tax in Dothan

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Dothan's one percent sales tax hike went into effect at the stroke of midnight.

The one percent sales tax has been a debatable topic creating other issues.

It's led to a petition to change the city's form of government which would oust current city Manager Mike West and be replaced with a mayor and city commission government.

This controversial sales tax increase officially kicked off Monday, and Tuesday folks were scrambling to buy items and avoid having to pay a little more out of their pockets.

On Monday morning, New Year 2007, IGA store didn't appear busy, but that's Monday. New Year’s Eve before the store closed its doors at nine, grocery shoppers were hoping to get a good luck meal of black-eyed peas, turnips, and collard greens before the sales tax on the items increased.

Nichole Alday is a cashier at the IGA and says New Year’s Eve there were more customers than normal. Meanwhile, mother and shopper Hilary Jaenecke says she noticed a difference on the everyday items she's used to purchasing.

The increase raises the sales tax from eight to nine percent. The additional funding is expected to bring in an extra 12 million dollars to the city. That money will be split down the middle and go towards operational costs and capital improvements.

Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas released what the funds could possibly used for. New vehicles and fire truck engines were on the list, along with an upgraded animal shelter and renovated library.