Income Tax, Rental Laws Take Effect Jan. 1 in Alabama

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Some new laws take effect in Alabama

For one, Alabama will shed its reputation for being the only state that levied income taxes on a family of four making less than 10-thousand dollars annually.

An income tax cut, recommended by Gov. Bob Riley and approved by the Legislature in April, takes effect today.

The 60 (M) million dollar tax cut will raise the threshold where a family of four starts paying income taxes from four-thousand-600 dollars annually to 12-thousand-500 dollars.

Riley says the new year will mark an end to Alabama having -in
his words- "the nation's most unfair tax system."

Also taking effect today is a law that, for the first time in Alabama, spells out the rights of landlords and tenants. Approved by the Legislature in March, this law affects 500-thousand rental houses and apartments throughout the state.

The law requires landlords to provide safe, habitable housing, and it allows the landlords to evict bad tenants quicker than in the past.