CenturyTel Directory

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When Centurytel customers in Dothan open their phone bills this month, they'll find something extra -- a directory supplement.

The pamphlet includes numbers that were left out of the company's September phone book.

This is the first year CenturyTel has put out a Dothan directory.

A company spokesperson says they inadvertently left out about 10-percent of the customers that belong to other exchange carriers.

They say that adds up to less than two-percent of the total listings in the CenturyTel phone book.

Nearly 50 businesses are now suing the company for leaving their numbers out.

Verizon, Graceba Communications, and ITC Deltacom are also named in the suit.

Centurytel says the supplemental directory is not a response to the legal action.

They say they began compiling it eigth to 10 weeks ago when they first learned about the problem.