Chief Powell Investigation Ruled Unsubstantiated by Alabama Attorney General King

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Months after one of Dothan’s Police unions sent a letter to Alabama Attorney General Troy King, asking for an investigation of Chief John Powell, the ruling is in. General King's office is exonerating the chief of all accusations of wrongdoing made against him.

"Running back through the mud; I hate to use that term, but it was like raking me over the coals again over something that had already been looked into," says Chief John Powell of the Dothan Police Department.

Chief Powell recalls his initial reaction after learning that members of his own department accused him of ticket fixing and asked Attorney General Troy King to investigate.

Months after General King received the letter, officials with his office replied with a letter of their own.

The letter states, "...Our office investigates crimes. We do not investigate individuals and/or governmental entities unless we have a factual predicate, and that predicate must consist of a factual basis for us to reasonably conclude that a crime may have been committed."

The letter goes on to say that there is no basis for the attorney general's office to move forward with any kind of investigation.

Chief Powell says scrutiny over the letter was hard to handle, especially after the allegations in the letter had already been looked into and determined to be false.

"Historically, it had been looked into,” Chief Powell says. “When the incident first occurred and then it resurfaces several months later, and the way it was re-publicized by some of the local media, it was like a feeding frenzy, and it took a toll on me and my family."

The letter requesting the investigation of Chief Powell not only weighed heavily on the minds of him and his family, but it also affected every member of the Dothan Police Department.

Captain Nick Monday says, "It's had an effect on our morale, the officers not knowing one way or the other what's going on."

Captain Larry Draughon said, "The time spent having to defend some of these things does take away from our efforts to handle some of our day to day calls."

Captain Draughon and other members of the police department, including Chief Powell say they hold no grudge against those behind the accusations, and that the only thing they want to do is put this matter behind them and move forward.

News 4 did attempt to contact the current president of the IBPO Union, but he declined to go on camera, and said he would rather familiarize himself with the letter before making any public comments.