Don’t Drink and Drive, Call a Cab

Alabama State Troopers are warning drivers they're on the lookout for motorists who are impaired by alcohol or drugs this holiday weekend and Wiregrass officials say they're on the lookout too.

The Department of Public Safety estimates that 14 people may die in roadway accidents during the 78-hour New Year’s travel period from 6 pm Friday night through midnight Monday, January first.

Check points will be set up across the state and state-lines.

Troopers say they will also target speeders and motorists who violate seatbelt and child restraint laws.

Law enforcement officials are hoping people think twice before they drink and drive.

Several ways to avoid getting involved in a traffic accident is to have a designated driver or to call a cab.

A list of some of the taxi services in Dothan and surrounding areas:

City Cab Co. 792-2138 or 792-2139
Triple A Cab (Dothan) 794-6359 (Enterprise) 393-0499 (Ft. Rucker) 598-3304
Express Cab Co. 685-6454

You can also check your yellow pages for listings.