Girls Gone Wild Appeals Community Service

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) - The company that produces the "Girls
Gone Wild" video series has appealed a federal judge's order for
its founder and three top officers to perform community service and
for the company to pay a fine for filming underaged girls.

An appeal says traveling from the company's Santa Monica, California corporate headquarters to Panama City is an unfair personal burden on the corporate officers, who were not named as defendants in the case against Mantra Films.

The company also appealed the 1-point-6 million dollar fine, which a US district judge levied against the company for filming drunken 17-year-old girls during spring break on Panama City Beach in 2003.

The judged ruled earlier this month that Joe Francis, the multimillionaire founder of the video empire, must serve eight hours of community service for the next 30 months because his company used underaged girls in its Panama City Beach videos.

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