Security System

A new courthouse security system is ready and waiting to go into operation in Abbeville. But county commissioners are still trying to decide how to staff the equipment that's been installed.

A decision is expected within two weeks, but it will be a couple of months before the system goes online.

Henry County officials are about to comply with a Supreme Court directive that requires everyone entering a courthouse in Alabama to be screened.

The court system provided a metal detector.

State Representative Locy Baker came up with the money for a $40,000 x-ray machine and the county was able to get everything else paid for by the state.

But Probate Judge Lamar Turner said commissioners are still trying to decide how to staff the system. Officials will open bids Thursday and find out the cost of contracting with a commercial security service.

Either way, the new personnel will work for the county commission and not Sheriff Lawton Ed Armstrong. But the Sheriff said he'd still keep tabs on what's happening.

Judge Turner said Henry County Commissioners would probably vote on how to staff the new courthouse security system at their Aug. 13 meeting. The system should go online when the new budget year begins Oct. 1.

Judge Turner said all entrances to the courthouse except one will be closed when the new security system begins operation.