Geneva Intruder

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A multi-state manhunt has led to the arrest of a suspect on Wednesday night.

Bonifay Resident James Belvins was taken into custody in Geneva County after he broke into the wrong house.

A homeowner found Mr. Belvins hiding in the family's bedroom closet, which is when things really got dangerous for the suspect:

Tony McClendon and Brad Johnson displayed the electrical cord they used to hog tie a suspect who broke into their home.

Late Wednesday night, McClendon’s mother found James Belvins in the bedroom of her Geneva County home, located several miles outside of Samson.

Earlier in the day, Belvins escaped arrest through a window of his Bonifay home. He was being sought on a sex related charge.

Belvins reportedly received only a minor stab wound.

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward says Gail Hussey and her family did what was necessary to ensure their safety.

McClendon says the suspect was begging him to call authorities after being hog tied in the hay field outside their home.

Belvins waived extradition in Geneva and is now behind bars at the Holmes County Workcamp in Bonifay.

Under several recent new laws passed by the Alabama Legislature, a homeowner is permitted to use deadly force in the event an intruder poses a possible threat to himself or the family.