Police Urging People to Celebrate the New Year Safely

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As the New Year's holiday weekend approaches experts are predicting a hike in traffic crashes. But there are several ways to make sure you don't become part of those statistics.

Dothan Police say they will be out in full force this weekend keeping an eye on our roadways, to crack down on drunk drivers. Whether you drive during the day or at night this holiday weekend, police want people to celebrate the New Year responsibly, so that they don't end up getting into an accident.

"If there is any doubt about your ability to drive or your friend’s ability to drive, don't let them drive. Call someone or take them home," said Capt. Larry Draughon, of the Dothan Police Department.

Police say drinking and driving not only puts the lives of innocent people at risk, but it can also result in a legal nightmare for anyone who decides to drive a car while intoxicated.

Sgt. Tim Ward says, "If you have an auto accident while drinking and driving, you could be charged with assault, and several type felony crimes, as well as DUI."

One way to prevent these problems is to have a designated driver. But if you happen to be the designated driver on New Year's Eve, there is something you need to think about before taking those keys.

Sgt. Ward says, “If you are the designated driver, I commend you for that, however you have to keep control of your passengers so that they stay within the bounds of the law... that they buckle up inside the law."

If there is no designated driver, you can always call your local cab company.

"Triple A cab is going to be open all New Year's Eve night. All drivers are going to be driving and we're going to provide all the citizens of Dothan with a safe ride from their parties," said Mark Nall, the owner of the Triple A Cab Company in Dothan.

Each Triple A cab ride will cost five dollars per person, but there must be a two person minimum for you to be able to get a cab. If you do plan on calling Triple A for a cab ride New Year's Eve, the number to call is (334) 794-6359.