Daleville Murder Update

News 4 has been following the story of a Sunday night murder in Daleville. Daleville police received several tips on the whereabouts of the suspect in that murder.

And just after 2 a.m. Wednesday, Filimon Salazar-Vega was arrested in Enterprise.

Salazar-Vega is said to be the gunman.

He allegedly shot Louis Jones while he was standing in his doorway on Sunday night. Police said the shooting was apparently the result of a confrontation between the two men Saturday.

When Salazar-Vega was stopped by police, there were two other men in the car. Jose Gonzales and Jorge Reynoso have admitted to being with Salazar-Vega at the time of the murder.

Police said they're not sure if the names these men are using are actually their real names.

The men are believed to be visiting the U.S. from Guatamala.

Daleville's Police Chief said thanks to hard police work and tips by News 4 viewers, they were able to make arrests in the case.

All three have been charged with murder and are being held in the Dale County Jail without bond.