Search Continues for Robbery/Rape Suspect

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Local and federal authorities continue their hunt for a man they say robbed a Newton Post Office then raped a woman in Dothan, Tuesday afternoon.

Alabama’s postal inspector, Tony Robinson said, "He came into the post office... bought an item... left and then came right back and proceeded to rob the post office. He did put the clerk down and tied the clerk."

This however, is where the case gets a little complicated because after postal inspectors say the man robbed the post office, police here in Dothan say he came to the west side of town and raped a woman.

Authorities say within one hour of the first crime, the man entered another business on west main street, just passed Ross Clark Circle, where they say he sexually assault the woman working inside.

Police say they believe the woman's attacker is the same man who robbed the Newton Post Office, because they say both attacks were similar in fashion.

"He walked in initially to ask for directions to a location here in the City of Dothan... exited the facility... a short time later he returned and that's where he made the attack on her," said Dothan Police Chief John Powell.

Police say the man fled both crime scenes in a gold or silver car. And as authorities continue to search for the man suspected of committing both crimes, they say they are offering a $50,000 reward for anyone who can help find him.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Dothan Police Department at (334) 615-3000, or Alabama's postal inspector, Tony Robinson, at (205) 326-2908.

Police are also urging people who work inside a business, alone, to secure the entrances to the business, so that they lessen their chances of becoming the victims of crime.