Voter-Approved Higher Property Tax Boosts Some Alabama School

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - A property tax hike approved by Alabama voters on November seventh will allow 30 school systems to hire more teachers and pursue building projects.

Marion County Superintendent Bravell Jackson calls the new funding a "godsend" for his system with 11 schools and about 37-hundred students.

Voters statewide approved a state constitutional amendment that requires school systems to collect 10 mills of property tax to qualify for their share of school funding from the state.

The change will result in higher property taxes in 30 of the state's 132 school systems.

The amendment passed with 58-point-6 percent of the vote.

Under the new law, the entire 10-mill match must come from property taxes. A mill is one-tenth of one percent, so a 10-mill tax rate results in a $100 tax on a $100,000 home.

The statewide average among school systems for property tax collections is 16.9 mills, according to the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama.

So the systems affected by the change still collect less than
two-thirds of the average.

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