Hamilton Crossroads Fire Department Rebuilds

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The Hamilton Crossroads volunteer fire department will start the new year in a new building, that's after an F-2 tornado ripped through the community, destroying the old.

The Hamilton Crossroad community's volunteer fire department has been without a building for over a month, but crews have been working steadily. Now, almost six weeks later, the firefighters are seeing their building come back to life.

"I'm happy it's this far along. I wanted it a bit faster, but sometimes it's not meant to be," said Hamilton Crossroads volunteer fire chief Tad Dent.

"There's a slight difference in the width. I think it's two feet wider, but for the most part it's the same building, just a different facade," said firefighter David Onstad.

One interesting fact about the new home is the only part left standing from the storm was repaired and is now sits in the middle of the building, serving as a piece of history, but even though the fire department will soon look like everything is back to normal, fire officials say they still need your help.

"An elderly gentleman stopped by, went though his house and found plumbing supplies. It was awesome," said Onstad.

"We still lack concrete, an office, and electricity, so we'll be about $50,000 in the red by the time we're done," said Dent.

The Hamilton Crossroads fire department has always been in service, even the day of the storm, and has helped other community's departments since then.

The department will be taking donations for their rebuilding efforts at the Brundidge First National Bank. There will also be a Valentine's Day fundraiser banquet in February.