Ozark False Alarms

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The Ozark Police Department is tired of some residents and businesses crying wolf.

Police say the number of false alarms is costing the department money that could be better used elsewhere.

The city of Ozark and the Ozark Police Department say the number of false alarms must be reduced.

Last year there were over 1,100 bogus calls in the city, which averages more than three a day. Police say those false alarms are wasting the city's money.

Ozark Police Chief, Tony Spivey, said, "When you go to a business or resident and it's a continual false alarm, some police officers get complacent thinking it's going to be a false alarm when sometimes it may not be the case. It may be the actual thing."

Last Tuesday, the city of Ozark passed an ordinance to help reduce the number of false alarms.

Under that ordinance, a resident or business owner can have up to two false calls within one calendar year, without getting fined.

The first alarm will result in a verbal warning, the second results in a written warning,

The third false alarm calls for a $35 fine, and any false alarm after that will cost the business or home owner $50.

Police estimate the amount of money that will be saved with the new enforcement of the law will be between $25,0000 and $45,000 a year.