4th at the Fort

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Fort Gaines 200 hosted a celebration for the Fourth of July this year with a festival at Frontier Village.

The highlight of the day was a ground breaking ceremony for the new Creek Indian Village that will be built for the 2016 Bicentennial of the Fort Gaines military outpost .

The upcoming Indian Village will feature a typical household that would have been found in the 1800’s .

The Lower Muscogee tribal leaders blessed the ceremony, followed by a presentation of Fort Gaines 200 Resolutions by special guests Georgia Representative Gerald Greene and Alabama Representative Dexter Grimsley.

4th at the Fort had the declaration of the 2016 Bicentennial, a commemoration of the military fort built in Fort Gaines in 1816 to protect settlers in the region.

Featured at this festival on July 4th were regional arts and crafts, including stain glass artists, jewelry makers, and basket weavers.

1812 encampment and Creek Indian encampment was on site to demonstrate ways of life during the Creek War period.

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