Dothan Police Out in Full Force During Holiday Weekend

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Three days before Christmas the Dothan police said to me, “Deborah, you better be careful because the intersection of Ross Clark Circle and Montgomery Highway is going to be busy, busy, busy!”

"Right now traffic has increased in the last couple of days. We see an increase today, we'll even see an increase tomorrow due to the people going to and from the shopping centers for that last minute gift," said Sgt. Tim Ward with the Dothan Police Department.

But the last minute dash for the perfect present isn't only causing a headache, but plenty of traffic accidents. They've more than doubled this holiday season.

"We've seen a large increase in the last two days. It seems like it's increasing today. It's about 2:00 and we've already have seen the amount of wrecks that we had all of yesterday," continued Ward.

However, you don't have to be a victim of a car collision.

"The biggest safety tip is when you're going somewhere be patient. You're not going to be able to get there as quick as you want to be. If you can plan to take an alternative route getting places and avoid congested areas, that would be a whole lot better,” said Ward.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department reports that consumer spending increased nearly one percent because incomes are also up.

Ross Clark Circle seems to be the hot spot for travelers because the other places, which are just as congested as Montgomery Highway and the Circle, are South Oates and the Circle and West Main Street and the Circle.