Elba Family Finding Road to Recovery

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Christmas takes on a new meaning for a Coffee County couple that escaped with nothing but their lives from last month's tornado.

Elijah and Christina Gilbert, along with their two teenage boys often visit the site of where their mobile home used to stand.

On November 15th, a twister tossed it more than 100-feet off its foundation and into the woods.

Christina suffered a shattered collarbone and multiple bruises, but she and Elijah agree that they are blessed this Christmas.

"It is a second chance [in] our lives; all part of going through at this time, unreal, amazing," said Christina.

Elijah said, "This is more than just the first Christmas of our lives, especially, [this] is the first day of our lives."

Recently, the 25th weather warning siren was installed in Coffee County. It’s hoped it'll save lives in the event of the next tornado.

Coffee Co. Deputy EMA Director Larry Walker said, "We have them near outdoor recreation facilities, and all schools in the county. Every school child can now hear it in the event of an emergency."

The Gilberts' are also thankful that their two teenage sons were in school at the time the tornado struck.

They are in the process of putting up a home on the site where the twister hit last month. It will be equipped with a storm shelter.