Ozark Police Increase Patrol During Holiday

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Ozark police are increasing patrols and targeting unsafe drivers this holiday weekend.

The Ozark Police Department will not only have more officers on duty this weekend, but authorities say they will also be setting up checkpoints to catch those driving over the limit or under the influence.

The Christmas holiday weekend has begun. As last minute shoppers and folks traveling to grandma's house hit the highway, Ozark police say they will be keeping a close eye on the traffic.

"We do see a lot of times, unfortunately, this time of year there's an increase in traffic crashers, which results in serious injuries and fatalities. Of course, our goal is to deter that, stop that if we can," said Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey.

It seems the first part of this holiday weekend started off a little wet. Ozark police say they wanted to make sure that everyone is doing a safe speed, so what they'll be doing is setting up checkpoints throughout the city.

"Police officers will be utilizing marked vehicles as well as unmarked vehicles for traffic enforcement. There will be some sobriety checkpoints that we will be conducting in various parts of the city. Again, this is to insure everyone has safe travels and they get to their destination without any serious issues," said Spivey.

The Ozark Police Department will not stop after Christmas Day. The increased patrol will be in effect through midnight January 1.

The Ozark Police Department say they will be utilizing both marked and unmarked cars, and their locations will be all throughout the city limits.

According to AAA, the biggest day of travel for the Christmas holiday will be Saturday.