Dorsey Trailers Update

From the 1930's to the 80's Dorsey Trailers was the largest private employer in Coffee County. A Phoenix City resident would like to re-open the company's doors and once again manufacture truck trailers.

At one time, Dorsey employed more than 1,200 in the Wiregrass and Florida panhandle.

Due to a number of factors several years-ago the doors closed for the final time.

However next month Pitts Trailer Company outside of Phoenix City will ask to buy Dorsey in U.S. bankruptcy court in Montgomery.

Elba Mayor James Grimes has been working to get the century-old company up and running again.

"I don't see it coming into the hay days of Dorsey but if we can get two or three hundred employed there. It would truly be great for our community," said Mayor Grimes.

A property appraisal for financing purposes must be done before the Dorsey sale can go through.