Small Town Vandalized with Satanic Symbols

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The town of Newville, Alabama boasts nearly 700 residents.

Mostly a Christian town, there's nothing Christian about words, which are painted on the city hall, a landmark flag, and a few downtown buildings.

'Lacram', which means, "We believe in Satan and hate God." Also, an American flag was hung upside down and the entrance to the police department roped off.

"We're supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ, so why would people do it on his birthday? It's just sad to see that they don't care about other people," says Newville Resident Frances Jackson.

Just last Sunday, members arrived to the area church and noticed the words, 'God sucks' chalked in front of the church steps.

"It's time to let people know that we are not going to put up with this," continues Jackson.

However, the suspect was caught red-handed, literally. Near the crime scene a red paint can was found, which led Newville Police Chief Ward Graham to the suspect's home.

There, he found a 16-year-old juvenile. "I read him his rights and he admitted that he'd done that. He said someone gave him the idea," explains Chief Graham.

"I think it's real bad. I think young kids today need to be around more positive role models," says Newville Resident Steve Spann.

However, regardless of what happens, the juvenile is in hot water.

"We're going to prosecute them to the fullest," adds Newville Mayor Charles Davis as he speaks with Townspeople.

Charges are pending against the teenager who claims he had nothing to do with the church vandalism that occurred earlier.