Chapelwood Vandalism

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Dothan police need your help in catching those responsible for some vandalism in the Chapelwood area.

Dothan police say the number of vandalism cases usually rises during school breaks. That's not to say those responsible for this case are students.

Mailboxes and cars were the targets of an area rash of vandalism in the Chapelwood community.

"I went out to carry the trash out this morning early, and noticed my mailbox had been negatively decorated for Christmas or the Grinch had been by with some spray cans and just had swirls all over it. When I got ready to go to work I noticed my van had also been decorated with spray cans. I noticed going to work several others in the neighborhood were," said victim Sybil Pharr.

Police say they received about 15 reports of vandalism from the community. That vandalism came over night, the day the Christmas break began for many schools.

Police are not sure if all reports are linked.

"Everyone works hard to secure their property and be sure they have nice things. When somebody comes around and they tear that property up or destroy with paint or something, certainly it's a tragedy. We want to be sure we try to protect them," said Dothan Police Chief John Powell.

"We have a quiet family neighborhood, and to know that somebody would go around doing that makes you really want to lock up tight and make sure you're safe within your own home," said Pharr.

Now police will increase patrols in the area and expect to catch those who are behind this ugly decoration.

Authorities say they do have some suspects in the case but haven't released any names. They are still reaching out to the community to help bring those responsible to justice.

If you have information about the Chapelwood vandalism, call Crimestoppers at 793-7000. You don't have to give your name and you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.