Man Gets Reduced Sentence in Operation Sandshaker Drug Ring

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - A prison sentence is been reduced for a retired Gulf Breeze executive convicted on cocaine charges for his role in the Operation Sandshaker drug ring.

A judge resentenced 56-year-old Charles Switzer yesterday to ten months in state prison, which he has already served. Switzer was originally sentenced to three years behind bars, but a court of appeals ruled last month that Switzer's numerous cocaine buys couldn't be added up to meet the threshold for cocaine trafficking.

Switzer entered a conviction for conspiracy to sell, manufacture or deliver cocaine. He also must pay a 25-hundred dollar fine.

Switzer was among 53 defendants charged with offenses ranging from drug possession to trafficking. The multi-agency investigation was named for the Sandshaker Lounge & Package Store at Pensacola Beach, where some of the illegal activity took place.

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