Terminally ill Man Victim of Theft

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On the inside of Andy Dennis' house, he shares with his wife, there is a reading Santa Claus, an instrument playing Santa Claus, even a Harley Riding Santa Claus.

On the family Christmas tree are ornaments that were created after each of his three daughters were born, and after his grandchildren were born.

However, on the outside of Andy’s home, it's not as festive.

Within the past week, three rare ornaments were stolen out of his front yard. "It's really upsetting,” he said. “I'll never be able to replace those, I don't think. You never know."

Andy had the ornaments for more than a decade. Their types aren’t even manufactured anymore.

However, he says it’s not about that, but about being able to see them one more time in what could very well be his last Christmas. "I got terminal cancer. I don't know, this could be my last Christmas and every year I've always decorated the outside of my house and the inside of my house. Next year, I don't know if I'll even be here or not and this is the last year with my family," Dennis continued.

Doctors’ orders are for Andy not to lift anything over five pounds. So, this year, his grandson and son-in-law decorated the house instead.

"It hurt me because I tried to make it special for my grandfather this year, because he tries to do things special for everybody else in the neighborhood" says his grandson, 14-year-old Joseph Hancock.

As his grandchildren seek to put the only two ornaments left back up, two angels, Andy says he has no ill will. "Merry Christmas to everybody,” he said. “Whoever did this I hope they enjoy it. I enjoyed it for many years."

The three ornaments were two snowmen and a Santa Claus. They were made out of plastic and had lights on the inside of them.

The car that took them is only described as a red extended cab pick-up truck.

If you have any information, call Enterprise Police at 347-1211.