Missing Purse Found

Thanks to area residents, a local exchange student received what she considers a Christmas miracle and now, she can stay longer in the Wiregrass.

Tuesday, News 4 told you about Brazil Exchange student Mariana Almeida, who reported her purse that carried her passport, visa and other valuables, went missing.

Minutes after seeing our newscast, a viewer contacted her host-family who was offering a reward for the purse's return.

She not only has her identification, but all items were still in the purse.

“I couldn't really believe that after five minutes after that somebody had found it. I really didn't know what to think of all that because that really changed my life,” said Almeida.

The family said they received a call from a Wal-Mart employee who found Mariana’s purse at Wal-Mart.

That person refused to accept the reward.