United Way Needs Your Help

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An agency dedicated to helping others now needs your help.

The Pike County United Way has only met half their fundraising goal, which could mean more cuts for other service organizations.

The Pike County United Way gives money to 16 local agencies within Pike County.

Some of those agencies include the Colley Senior Complex and the local American Red Cross.

But next year's donations may be cut drastically if more money isn't raised.

"We fund 16 agencies. Now, we’re not the entire funding for these 16 agencies. But it just cripples them when we get anywhere near this goal," says Jim Medley, President of the Pike County United Way.

Right now the Pike County United Way was about $50,000 raised.

Officials say they need about $100,000 to properly contribute to the other agencies.

If enough money doesn't come, emergencies like the Hamilton Crossroads tornado damage, might not receive sufficient help.

"This goes to the very heart of what the Pike County folks are all about. This money is raised in Pike County, for Pike County. It is spent in Pike County for the benefit of these citizens in time of need," says Medley.

The fundraising efforts will continue only though the end of December.

Officials say one way you can celebrate the holidays and donate to the Pike County United Way is by giving money in someone's honor as a Christmas gift.

If you would like to donate to the Pike County United Way, contact Jim Medley or Tonya Gibson at 566-0011.