Florala City Hall Remodeling Under Budget

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A year long feud has resulted in the separation of Florala City Hall and the town's utilities department. This week municipal workers moved into a refurbished building.

City Clerk, Lykeshia Anderson says she is still getting used to her new office. It's located just down the road from where she used to sit.

Last year, a rift between the mayor and the Florala Utilities Board over a shared employee resulted in the decision to physically separate the two entities.

"Everyone likes the way it looks. Many feared it would look old and dated, but it is new and bright. A new start," said Anderson.

Florala Police personnel, along with city workers did much of the remodeling and saved taxpayer dollars.

Florala Chief Bruce Maddox says the remodeling work was well worth it, not only for his officers, but the general public at large. "We’ve brightened it up,” he says. “It’s good for employee morale and improves the outlook of the general public about our department."

Longtime newspaper Reporter Jan Allred hopes the physical separation of city hall from the utilities department may end some long time bickering. "There was a lot of friction, but everyone appears to have worked out their differences,” she says. “The city and utilities are working to be on the same page."

By using police and other city personnel to do the remodeling, officials say they were able to keep the moving cost under budget.