Ozark Cable Hearing

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The city of Ozark is talking with the public about the quality of service Charter Communications provides.

Currently, Charter is the only cable provider for the city and operates under a city franchise.

That franchise is soon up for renewal and city leaders want to be sure residents are getting what they deserve.

Some call Charter Communication a monopoly within the city of Ozark since they are the only cable provider for the area.

However, that company now has to answer to the public about the service it provides.

“We have a public hearing to hear what the needs of the community are, and the past performance of the cable system. We will also hear from the cable system as to what their plans are,” says City Clerk for Ozark Billy Blackwell.

The public hearing gives customers a time to discuss all issues related to it service.

Officials expect the major concern to be the price for cable, since the same company is less expensive in other areas of the state.

Another concern they expect to arise, will be the quality of service and clearness of the picture for some television stations.

“This is to assist us in gathering information so that we can use this to discuss the renewal of this franchise with Charter Communications,” says Blackwell.

A city consultant will listen to the arguments presented about Charter Communications, and then draft a new agreement to allow the provider to use the city’s right of way.

The franchise will be run out in August 2008.