New Rental Law

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There is new legislation that will protect the more than 500,000 property renters in Alabama.

News 4 talked to local Real Estate Owner and Property Manager Tom West, to look over the new rental law that goes into effect in less than two weeks.

With 350 properties to manage, Tom West has been studying the new law carefully. “The new law is good,” he says. “It protects the consumer and the owner.”

The new law requires the landlord to make necessary repairs so the property is in habitable condition including electric, plumbing, heat and air.

If the landlord fails to comply, the tenant can terminate their lease in 14 days without penalty.

“Up until now, the only rights tenants had, was to pay rent,” West said.

West Property managers and other apartment managers in the Wiregrass have attended seminars to learn more about complying with the law.

West is even thinking about using a new lease for tenants. He says he has, “Studied the law and the new lease that we're thinking of switching to.”

Up until now, Alabama was the only state without a law protecting renters.

The new law goes into effect January 1st.

If you would like to learn more about the law log or call the toll free 1-800-832-9060.