Houston Co. Road Fatality Rate and Safety

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More people have been killed on Houston County roads this year than last year. Within the next two weeks, this year's death rate could be the highest it's been in nearly a decade.

So far, seven people have been killed in traffic accidents on county roads. With holiday traveling just around the corner, officials are afraid that number will climb even higher.

In 2005, three people were killed on county roads and the year before, there were only two.

"We're having an unusually high year of people dying on county roads and most of them are single-car accidents," said Mark Pool of Houston Co. Road & Bridge Dept.

No one knows yet what's causing the accidents. It could be a number of issues, ranging from medical conditions to drug and alcohol influence or even a change with law enforcement.

In the next two weeks, officials are expecting more fatalities to come.

"Drive and be careful and don't drink and drive. This is the time of year when we have a lot of single-car accidents, people running off roads in the middle of the night," said Pool.

However, even if there are no more fatal accidents this year, Houston County will end 2006 with a total of seven, a fatality rate that hasn't been seen since 1997.

Most accidents that happen this time of year are alcohol-related and teenagers account for the highest number of deaths on the roads.

County officials are doing what they can to make the roads as safe as possible and according to the state's standards; Houston County continues to have the safest roads in Alabama.