Holmes Co. Wells Update

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Earlier this month, we told you about a couple of residential wells in Holmes County that could be contaminated with bacteria.

Homeowners experienced dirty water coming from their faucets and some people believe it could be the cause of illness and even death of livestock in the area.

Since we first broke this story, several more people in the county have come forward with the same concerns. But no one can seem to pinpoint where the dirt is coming from or if their wells are even contaminated.

The Holmes County Health Department has been testing wells since the complaints began and at first, the problem didn't seem too complicated.

For those few people affected, the DEP set up filtration systems on their wells and those residents are now functioning with clear, clean water. But the problem didn't stop there.

Several residents in the area are also battling with bacteria-related illnesses. But it's hard to narrow down a particular form of bacteria, illness, well area or cause because each of the cases is different.

A team of environmental specialists are currently testing several wells, trying to find anything in common. But right now they're waiting on more lab results, and the issue remains a puzzle.

Needless to say, all the residents who are affected by this are very frustrated with not knowing. At this point, a few are even considering getting legal representation just to push harder for answers.

Holmes County Health Department officials encourage anyone with concerns to contact them for bacteria testing. They say anyone with a private well should get their water tested every two years anyway just to stay safe.