New Ozark Deputy Chief

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The city of Ozark will soon have a new man filling some big shoes in the Ozark Police Department.

A man by the name of Myron Williams is the new deputy chief for the city of Ozark. Myron Williams says he has been very pleased with the response he's received from everyone in the Ozark Police Department.

Williams is the new deputy chief, taking the place of Eddie Henderson who recently retired from the department.

"I think he will be a tremendous asset to the department and to the community as a whole. We're excited, and we're looking for great things from Deputy Chief Williams," says Chief Tony Spivey, Ozark Police.

"The citizens of Ozark can certainly expect the professionalism that they had in the past to continue. We're certainly going to strive to work on everything that's old and unsolved and continue to work on everything that's going on in the new year," says Deputy Chief Myron Williams.

Although Williams will be new to this area, he's stepping into a position that's similar to what he's been doing for nine years.

Williams has worked with the Coffee County Sheriff's Office for 16 and a half years and has served as deputy chief for almost nine.

"It's a very professional organization. That was probably one on the key things that drew me to Ozark. It's a new challenge, a lot of the concepts are still the same, as far as law enforcement work. But I'm just looking forward to getting in here and working with everyone," says Williams.

Williams says he has already been studying some open cases, and he plans on doing hard investigating immediately.

Williams says he plans to get to know everyone in the department, know their family and how he can help lead the department.

Williams official start date will be December 27, but he plan on meeting with everyone within the department by the end of next week.