IBEW Christmas Gifts

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Dozens of needy children will have a Christmas to remember thanks to the local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers donated gifts for local children.

Union members are bringing in bikes being donated to children in the Wiregrass and other Farley nuclear plant employees are wrapping the gifts to go out to the kids.

“Amazing didn't realize how big this was and didn't know,” said Todd Youngblood, a member of staff of Farley Nuclear Plant.

Eleven years ago, Doris Ashford took shelter herself at the House of Ruth.

She was having a hard time making ends meet and the IBEW provided her with a Christmas she'll never forget. Currently she works at Farley, and is returning the favor.

“It’s great to help others have the same feeling and provide like did mine, these gifts will go to 75 children in the wiregrass. The local IBEW 796 chapter has been doing this since 1985,” said Ashford

The last few weeks, Farley workers have been working long hours wrapping, shopping and organizing the gifts.

Some of the presents are going to the Wise Center for abused victims and families.

“This will be huge for them this will be their Christmas,” said Cyndi Dlugosz of Wise Center.

Rolling out this Christmas for those less fortunate makes their Christmas that much better.

The House of Ruth, Wise Center, and Alfred Saliba Family services all benefit from this gift donation service.