New President for Dothan Branch of NAACP

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The Dothan branch of the NAACP now officially has a new president. Franklin Jones and another 14 members of the NAACP's executive committee were sworn into their offices Thursday night.

"My goal right now is for 1,000 members... we're at about 200 members right now, and I hope that by the end of my tenure we can have 1,000 members," said Jones.

Jones also says that along with increasing membership, he says he would also like to see the east side of town thrive with more businesses.

"I think there needs to be more economic development in what used to be the black community on the east side of town," said Jones.

The group’s new president goes on to say that he believes Dothan's city officials are working hard to close the gap between the races, and that city leaders are working toward getting rid of all racial disparities.

He says, "I think in Dothan we are making progress in all our race relations. I think we have a government that is concerned, a mayor that is concerned, and a city manager that wants to do the right thing we believe."

Other group goals include community involvement, reaching out to get more people to vote.