America Celebrates the Fourth of July

Thousands of parade watchers in Michigan sang "America the Beautiful." 500 immigrants became Americans at Walt Disney World by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance -- "especially under God," as the judge who administered the oath put it.

A woman at a concert in Iowa showed up with hair and fingernails
painted red, white and blue.

This year's celebrations were the first since the Sept. 11 attacks and the mood at some was defiant. One woman watching New
York's big fireworks show last night put it this way -- "Take that, and stick it in your hat Mister Bin Laden!"

In Oregon, the Northwest Nudist Association showed its pride with a march through a park owned by a nudist club.

There were some stretches of empty lawn on the National Mall in
Washington. The crowd was lighter than usual, but police blame the
oppressive heat and humidity, not fears of a terrorist strike. A K-9 unit police officer had room to toss a Frisbee to his bomb-sniffing dog.