Soldiers Return Home from Overseas

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Eight soldiers landed on Alabama soil last night to tears and cheers. They spent a half a year overseas.

The little boy could hardly contain his excitement. He said when his dad came through Dothan-Regional Airport's terminal he'd tackle him like a wrestler.

His dad, along with seven other men are apart of Fort Rucker's F Company 58th Aviation Regiment. They just got back from service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While overseas, the men were in charge of maintenance and repair to helicopters and army equipment, and served 6 months for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Wives say that 6 months seemed like an eternity.

But what's most important, the Army's commander says, is the men are home just in time for Christmas. And unless activated again, it might stay that way for while.

The men are going through reintegration training. The training involves incorporating the soldiers back into civilian life. That training lasts a week.