Veterans Airlift Command

"They’ve got the heart. Now they need wings." that's the motto from the Veterans Airlift Command, which flies wounded soldiers and their families for free.

The Waruinge family boards a king air 90 plane in Tampa headed for Gulfport, Mississippi where their son Lance Corporal Kevin Waruinge once served.

It was their first time in a small 6 passenger plane so they were nervous, but thankful for the flight.

Airspeed Aviation, an aircraft charter company in Dothan, volunteered their plane and pilots.

Without Airspeed, the Waruinges wouldn’t of been able to attend a dedication ceremony in honor of their son.

The Waruinges’ story is touching. The five member family won a lottery out of 50,000 people to come to America from Kenya, Africa in 1997 to provide a better life for their three sons.

The oldest son Kevin followed his lifelong dream and joined the U.S. Marine Corps but was killed in his second tour on August 3, 2005.

Kevin's unit honored his sacrifice by naming the vehicle maintenance facility after him and another Marine, Corporal David Stewart, killed in the blast. Kevin wasn't even a U.S. citizen fighting for America but he gave his all for our country.

That's why Veteran's Airlift and Airspeed Aviation did everything they could to provide transportation for this family who said goodbye to their eldest son way too early.