Slocomb Increasing Patrol During Holiday Season

The Christmas season doesn't always bring out the good will in everyone.

Unfortunately, there are people who look to take advantage of others.

Slocomb Police Chief David Land is taking a proactive stance.

He wants to prevent break-ins, burglaries and similar crimes that often go up during the yuletide season.

Officer Lamar Snell is a 14-year veteran of the Slocomb Police Department. He says it's unfortunate, but there's folks who try and steal to make their own Christmas merrier.

Although there's not been a dramatic increase in burglaries, one business owner says bad checks have gotten worse, and really, it increases the costs' for everyone.

Chief Land reminds folks to not leave gift boxes visible by trash cans. It gives thieves an idea of what items might be inside a home.

Authorities say an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure when it comes to prevention during the Christmas season.

Police also ask people to put gift items in the trunk and prevent others from seeing what items may be inside your vehicle while shopping.