Three Ozark Officers To Retire Soon

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The city of Ozark is saying goodbye to some of its high ranking police officers.

Three officers will retire by the end of this year, which will mean filling some big shoes at the department.

Chief Deputy Eddy Henderson, Training Coordinator Sergeant Jake Heath and Commander of Patrol Division, Captain Sammy Blocker will soon retire from the Ozark Police Force.

At a ceremony, the police chief honored the three men that together, have put in over 85 years of experience.

"They have been exceptional. They have been very good to this department and this city," says Ozark Police Chief, Tony Spivey.

"It’s kind of bittersweet. I kind of in a way feel sad that it’s here, but in another way I’m glad," says Commander of the Patrol Division, Captain Sammy Blocker.

"It’s been a long 25 years. It’s gone by fast. I’ve enjoyed my career. I have very few regrets, and I’m looking forward to the future,” says Deputy Chief, Eddy Henderson.

“Our whole family is very excited,” says DeeDie Henderson.

"I’m excited because I’m going to do other things, and pleased that I have the opportunity to do the other things," says Training Coordinator, Sergeant Jake Heath.

So what's next for the men that have served so long as Ozark’s finest?

"I’m going to get out on the road and see some of the county," says Blocker.

"I'm going to embark on a new career here in Ozark, and hopefully spend more time with my family," says Henderson.

"I'm going to camp, I’m going to ride motorcycles, and I’m going to haul around six grandchildren and have a ball," says Heath.

Whatever the new task will be, another task awaits the police department: finding the qualified people to fill their shoes.

Chief Spivey says he's got a plan on getting the positions filled quickly, and that announcement could be just around the corner.

Chief Spivey also says the position of chief deputy has been narrowed down to two candidates, which he hopes to announce next week.

He says the training coordinator has already been filled and trained, and the patrol commander will be an officer promoted within the department.

The chief deputy's last day on the job will be December 15th.

Patrol commander, Captain Sammy Blocker's last day will be Tuesday, December 12th.

And Training Coordinator, Sergeant Jake Heath's last day will be Friday.