Dothan Smoking Ordinance Public Hearings

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They've done it in New York and Florida and now there's a push to make Dothan 100 percent smoke-free.

Lighting up in public places in Dothan could soon be a thing of the past if six community and health groups get their way.

The Wiregrass Tobacco Free Coalition is asking the City of Dothan to support an ordinance prohibiting smoking inside all workplaces and public places.

The major changes prohibit smoking in all restaurants, delis, bars and bowling allies and smoking within 25 feet of public entrances.

Smoking will also be prohibited at ball parks, walking trails, parks, and outdoor arenas owned by the city.

The new ordinance would also affect gas stations. All tobacco products should be placed behind the counter and tobacco products would be prohibited from being given away at the fair.

Dothan residents will have a chance to voice their opinion about lighting up at the next commission meeting.

Public hearings on the proposed smoking ordinance changes will be held on Thursday December 14th at the Dothan Opera House. The first begins at 10AM and the other will begin at 6PM.