Election Has Never Been Held in the Town of Eunola

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It has been nearly a half-century since a small Wiregrass town was reinstated. Since 1957 an election has never been held in the town of Eunola. But some residents want that changed.

A group of Eunola residents say they've never been given the right to vote for their mayor and five-member council and essentially, that's against the U.S. Constitution of having free elections.

Geneva attorney, Jeffrey Hatcher, represents a group of citizens asking for the forfeiture of Eunola's charter.

Hatcher says Eunola has never held a municipal election contrary to its 1957 charter.

Over the last five-decades, members of the council have appointed others to fill vacancies on the board that includes the mayor's post.

"For us to have a town in our own backyard where the voting process has never occurred is simply un-American," said Hatcher

Several Eunola residents that want elections did not wish to appear on camera, but others say if it isn’t broke, well don't fix it.

Eunola is located along the banks of the Choctawhatchee River, just outside of Geneva. Some believe a group of outside agitators has sparked the controversy:

"No body seems to have a problem with the government we have. It has to be someone from the outside," said Pam Calhoun of Eunola.

"There’s just a few that have a problem and they don't even live here," said Raymond Spann.

Since the 1920s, Attorney Hatcher says there's no case law of an Alabama town never holding municipal elections.

Those wishing to dissolve the city's charter say they have the necessary number of signatures to proceed on with their case.

The case of the town of Eunola is scheduled for a hearing at the Geneva County probate judge's office on Thursday, December 21.