Vandalism of Christmas Display Upset Enterprise resident

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Someone has destroyed more than several hundred dollars worth of inflatable Christmas decorations outside an Enterprise woman's home.

Police have no idea but Patricia Johnson believes it may have been one or more teenagers with nothing better to do, but cause property damage.

Mrs. Johnson shows where the vandals slashed seven of the eight inflatable Christmas decorations on her front lawn.

She estimates the loss at more than $500. Not to be deterred this season, she and her husband, earl, have bought new inflatable.

Although it's heartbreaking to see the destruction, she prays for the person or persons who would do such a thing:

"I just broke my heart. I cried. This is a time of Jesus birthday. Who would commit such an act?"

Authorities say it's an unfortunate sign of the times, making the season a time of thieving.

"Keep an eye out for large groups of teenagers in a neighborhood. Sometimes they can cause malicious damage," said Capt. Mike Lolley of Enterprise Police Dept.

Mrs. Johnson says her young grandchildren love the inflatable. The family has lived in the enterprise neighborhood for five years and nothing like this has ever happened

With the new decorations outside her home, Mrs. Johnson says she is keeping a cautious eye to prevent any similar acts of vandalism.

Enterprise police say they've investigated two similar acts of Christmas decoration vandalism in the area in the last two weeks.