Dothan’s New Garbage Collection System Off to a Slow Start

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The City of Dothan has officially begun using its brand new, state of the art, automated garbage pick-up trucks.

The city is currently conducting just one route a day, to allow themselves time to train drivers on how to use the new trucks.

"It's been slow but it's coming along, because we're not used to it yet," said garbage truck driver, Ricky Jackson, talking about the first day of the new garbage collection service.

The new trucks cut back on the amount of manpower needed to collect garbage. Before, three people were needed to operate one truck, now the driver handles everything. And with less people, the city saves money.

City spokesperson, Cynthia Green says, "It is saving money on workman's comp claims... we have reduced the number of workers on a garbage truck from three to one... our staff is very encouraged about the new operations and we are just asking our residents to be patient as we enter into the new operations system."

The new city issued garbage cans that the trucks pick-up and unload hold about three times as much garbage as a standard garbage can. And truck drivers say one thing that will make the process speedier is if people put their garbage cans out on the curb properly.

"The major factor is going to try to break down some of those boxes to put them in the garbage, and that will save you alot of space," said Bernard Ward, Dothan’s Environmental Services Supervisor.

The city plans to conduct just one route a day, from Monday through Friday, until Christmas. Beginning in January they will add an additional route per day every month, and they hope to eventually have up to seven routes each day, by the summer of 2007.