Cold Weather Means More Support to Elderly

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The hard freeze may inconvenience most of us, but for the elderly, the frigid temperatures can end in disaster.

With chronic coronary and lung disease, 75-year-old Ruth Zaharksi is homebound without assistance.

She cannot leave her Bonifay home with temperatures expected in the low to mid-20s; she must make sure there's enough heat. "If I didn't get the help, I would have to move from here, but I enjoy my own home, there is no place I would like to stay," said Zaharkski.

Amber Wing is the executive director of the Holmes County Council on Aging.

She, along with staff have been calling clients to make sure they have plenty of heat and blankets. "We’re here to make sure nothing bad happens. That they are with heat and blankets that type of thing," she said.

Holmes Co. EMA Director, Wanda Stafford said, "Make sure the pipes are wrapped. Protect small plants and bring in small pets, because it is going to be extremely cold."

Fire officials warn the public not to use the stove to warm your home. It could have tragic consequences.

Healthcare officials in both northwest Florida and the Wiregrass area urge people to check on their elderly neighbors during this cold snap.