Segway Recall

segway recall
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It's been hailed as a major step in transportation technology, but now it's the subject of a recall.

The maker of the Segway Human Transporter has agreed to recall the two-wheeled, motorized scooter, because some riders have been injured falling off when its batteries are low.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says three people have been injured. One suffered a head wound and needed stitches.

Commission spokesman Ken Giles tells Associated Press Radio the problem can be fixed with a software upgrade. He says owners can bring the scooters back to their dealers or call the company toll-free.

The recall involves about 6,000 of the single-rider scooters, which can travel up to 12 miles an hour. The scooter uses gyroscopes to keep it upright, making it less likely to fall or be knocked over.

The Segway was unveiled in December 2001 to much fanfare by Dean Kamen, an inventor who holds around 100 patents. The scooter costs nearly $5,000.