Freeze Warning Issued for Wiregrass Area

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Meteorologists have issued a hard freeze warning tonight in the Wiregrass area. With temperatures in the 20s, it will be the coldest we've seen in almost two years.

Meteorologists are calling for temperatures to dip into the mid 20s Monday night. Don't be caught off guard and think about your four P's: pipes, people, plants, and pets.

Protect your pipes by wrapping your outdoor pipes with foam insulation. Don't forget to keep your water running.

Protect the people in your life, especially the elderly by checking on them. They are the most vulnerable and need attention in the cold weather.

“Call them, ask for assistance, go by their home and make sure their heating is sufficient,” said Robert Crowder of Southeast AL Council on Aging.

Preserve your plants. When it comes to plants it's probably the opposite of what you're thinking. Take in your pots and baskets, water the plants in the ground, and cover them with sheets.

Dothan Horticulturist, Nancy Walker explains, “Don’t cover [them] with a plastic need sheet because if [they] get cold, it hits [the] leaves and burns them.”
Finally, make sure your pets are inside in a warm area and protected from the wind and make sure they have water to drink.

Follow the four P's and you should be protected from the hard freeze.

As you turn on those space heaters, make sure they are in a safe place away from fire hazards. Also, make sure your batteries are working in your smoke detectors.